Q: Can I sleep in this jewelry? 

A: Yes! Our tiny top wheel styles are comfortable to sleep in. The posts and large clutch secures the earrings well.  

Q: Can I shower while wearing this jewelry?

A: Yes, Sterling silver and some other metals don't fair well when exposed to chlorine, so if you have a high chlorine content in your water, we don't advise it.  As long as they are dried well, they will be fine.  We do not advise getting your pearls and other soft stones in water regularly.

Q: Can I wear Sleeping Fox jewelry in the pool?

A: No, it is not recommended to wear your jewelry in a chlorinated pool.  Chlorine can eat at the silver.  However, salt water pools or other bodies of salt water will not be a problem.

Q: How do I clean my jewelry?

A: Please see our Jewelry Care Guide in our blog section.  With each purchase you will receive a polishing pad and a Jewelry Care Guide!